Inside UK’s most haunted building as ex-asylum workers ‘traumatised by pure evil’

If the sound of things going bump in the night makes you want to jump out of bed in excitement rather than hide under the covers then a ghost hunt could be for you.

Luckily, one of the UK’s most haunted places is open once again for those brave enough to spend a night there.

Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool is a former hospital, orphanage and mental asylum that closed down in 1997.

The now abandoned building was named number seven in the top 100 most haunted places in the UK in 2020 with reports of disembodied voices, moving objects and creepy ghost children haunting the floors.

The Grade II listed building is described as “very active” with many frightening areas to explore such as the ‘naughty boys corridor’ and the ‘psyche cinema’, reports Liverpool Echo .

The 99,000 square foot building dates back from Victorian times, opening as an orphanage in 1874, and was also used as a nursing home at one point.

A particularly creepy story tells of one nurse who said she saw an apparition floating around – she was found dead in the main corridor soon after.

In more recent times, fearless ghost hunters have reported hearing unexplained banging noises coming from inside a row of cupboards on the upper corridor where badly behaved children were locked up in during the 19th century.

In 1951 it was turned into a medical hospital and you can still see abandoned wheelchairs cast aside in empty corridors as well as mortuary fridges, where many dead bodies were stored, on a tour organised by Haunted Happenings .

Former hospital patients were known to have talked about seeing children and other people who weren’t in the hospital at the time

While one former switchboard operator who worked there between 1973 and 1986 told the Echo he still has nightmares and is traumatised by the building’s “pure evil”.

John Gray said : “I worked long, hard shifts at night, and staff were terrified of going to certain parts of the hospital.

“You could feel the evil when you walked in, it was in the atmosphere.

“When I was made redundant I could not have got out of there quick enough.”