How YouTube is Best for Money Making?

There are so many ways to make money online and We have already discussed about the Best 3 ways to make money over the internet. The first and most reliable way to make money is obviously Blogging and then YouTube.

Some of might be thinking why we Blogging is the best than YouTube so here are some reasons.

  • Working from your comfort zone while listening music or something 🙂
  • You can work alone without taking any help from someone.
  • High CPC more than YouTube.
  • Maybe you love to write instead of talking in front camera. 

So many reason could be but YouTube is also a good way to make money and to present yourself in a different way.

First of all, Let me clear this YouTube is not an overnight money making scheme you need to give your effort some of your smart techniques and patience.

Here are some reasons why you should choose YouTube as a career option.

  • You don’t need to purchase hosting and domain Its free.
  • Big Market Website Have Rank #2 over the Internet.
  • Easy Monetization.
  • Ad-sense Approval is easy.

These are top 5 Highest Earning YouTubers of 2017 all over the world with the annual Income in millions US Dollars.

  1. Diamond Minecart from DanTDM ($16.5M)
  2. Evan Fong from VanossGaming ($15.5M)
  3. Dude Perfect ($14M)
  4. Mark Fischbach from Markiplier ($12.5M)
  5. Logan Paul ($12.5)

(Source :- BBC UK)

These are the top earners in 2017 you can also be one of them what you need to do is just give it a start and what you feel is right there are so many categories which you can choose and upload your content of any topic but it must be according to the YouTube policy.

Steps for being a YouTuber.

  • Think about your channel or Brand name.
  • Create a YouTube Channel.
  • Add channel art, Channel description and Logo.
  • Upload Your video with proper description and catchy title.
  • Add a catchy Thumbnail.
  • Publish It.

That’s it you are live now in front of Billions of people all over the world and you are a YouTuber now when your popularity will increased people will start to subscribe your channel and start following you this maybe a game change but here are few things you need to take care of.


Focus on Brand Image:- Making spammy videos to get views or fooling your audience isn’t gonna help in long journey so always be honest with your viewers help them to understand the right thing don’t guide them in a wrong way.

Regularity:- Upload videos on regularly basis, in other words choose a day or time once in a week or twice in a week depends on your comfortably but do it regularly because what happens is when you upload video on regular basis let’s say Wednesday if you upload your video on Wednesday 6 o clock than your subscribers who loves your videos they will wait for your video to comes up and it will help you to gain more views and followers.

Keep in Touch with your Followers:- I know this gonna consume your time to reply their comments and involve in the conversation but if you have time do it because it gonna build trust between you and your followers, like if they have any doubt or any questions just go ahead and try to help them this will defiantly help to gain more trust and regular visitors.

Ask for Opinions:- Always ask if your followers want something new or different or maybe they need help to explain any other topic, maybe they want you to make video of any particular topic. It will help you to get more ideas and you will also get to know what your audience want.

These are only some of the tips which will help you to get started and it will also help you to build your professional image i hope you will be successful if you have any query or wants to know something else let me know in the comments and have a great start.

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