How to Track an IP Address Location?

Hey Guys and Girls welcome to my blog post and today I am going to show you how you can trace an IP address if you are searching over the Internet how you can trace an IP address and if you want to know about your visitors you have a website and you have some random visitors and random IP address so now you can trace them where are they coming from these IP address trackers are not that much smart that can show you the exact location of that but it will help you so that’s where are they coming from so let’s get started.

What is an IP Adress?

Well for those who don’t know what is an IP address and IP address is an identification number of a network hardware which is used for communicating over the Internet between devices.

Every device has a different IP address whether it’s a smartphone, a laptop or a computer just like an email address like if you are sending an email to someone you need their email address and you also must have an email account just like this if you are communicating over the Internet sending data over the Internet and receiving data from the Internet you must need an Internet Protocol which is an IP address It stays in your network hardware and it helps you to communicate over the Internet and the IP address is locatable I hope you have heard lots of time that someone did a cyber crime and police arrested him that’s because they can trace any IP addresses exact location but we cannot trace the exact location of an IP address so here we are talking about how you can trace an IP address location not exact but it will help you to show that where it is coming from.

Below websites will help to Trace an IP Adress:-


IP is the recommended site where you need to enter IP address and then click IP lookup and it will show you the IP Location here you can also check any website domain location too.


IP Go to the link we gave you enter ip address and click on Lookup IP Address

Go to the link and paste your IP desired address and click Submit.  

Go to the given link and paste the IP address which you want to track and click Discover.

So thank you  so much Guys and Girls this is all I have for you I hope you like my work if this will help you please share and comment below if you are facing any problem while using these methods so please let us know and if you want more website like just comment we will provide  you and if you help regarding any other topic you can also suggest us in our contact form.

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