Things to Know Before Making Backlinks to Your Site

Not getting traffic to your site? Having tons of backlinks and still your website isn’t ranked by search engines? It means something is not right your backlink profile don’t be worried in this article we will show you how you can rank your website #1 in Google and get millions of organic traffic for free.

How Google Rank Websites?

The first question you need to know How Google rank websites. Well, there are so many factors how Google rank a website but SEO divided into two parts On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. In this article we are gonna discuses about Off Page SEO which the most important part.

For example Two websites can have quality content and SEO optimized pages but every websites have different backlink profile. If you are building backlinks without having the all information this can be dangerous maybe your site will be penalized by Google and you will loose all your ranking so making a natural looking backlink profile will be helpful.

Start Building Backlinks:-

The first thing you need to take care of don’t just start making backlinks this is not gonna work. Keep in mind these things.

  1. Quality Instead of Quantity.

  2. Low PR Backlinks are also Important.

  3. Don’t Make Tons of Backlinks in Short Time.

  4. Dofollow and Nofollow Ratio.

  5. Referring Domains and IPs

  6. Anchor Text

  7. Buying Links

  8. Backlinks from irreverent Niche Sites.

Quality Instead of Quantity.

Make sure you focus on Quality instead of Quantity what it means is building tons of backlinks from Low PR site is not gonna help you. Keep in mind the Quality of backlinks is more important so always make backlinks on sites which have high PR and have high alexa rank.

Low PR Backlinks are also Important.

If you think that building backlinks on only high PR site is gonna be great and it will increase ranking of your website you are wrong. Google always looks at natural backlink profile and naturally every site have both types of backlinks High Quality and Low Quality so make a mix-up of both types of links this will help you to make natural backlink profile.

Don’t Make Tons of Backlinks in Short Time.

Just imagine you made a website a day before and next day it have tons of backlinks this is not natural right? Google will understand that someone is trying to cheat Google’s algorithm and Google will penalize your site.

Always keep in mind if you make new website or blog it takes time to be ranked and getting organic traffic so always be slow with backlinks and wait few weeks before started making backlinks.

Dofollow and Nofollow Ratio.

As I mentioned before every websites have different backlink profile but they all have similar kinda percentage of Dofollow backlinks and Nofollow backlinks it is around 70% and 30% but its not necessary every website have different ratio only the important thing is to make both Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks. Building only Dofollow backlinks can get you in trouble and your site can be penalized by Google.

Referring Domains and IPs

Referring Domain is a every website you have backlinks on more no. you have will be more beneficial so don’t just make thousands of backlinks on 1 or 2 Domain. Domain count is also important more referring domain you have will be a plus point and it will increase chances of ranking your site in Google.

Anchor Text

This is also needs to take care of how your Anchor Texts are organized this must be natural. Natural backlink profile have so many types of anchor text keep all types of Anchor Texts. Making all Anchor text same can be understandable by Google that something is not right and it will be Bad for your website.

Buying Links

Most of website owner things if they buy High quality backlinks from a SEO company so they will get high rank in Google but its not always true. Hiring a SEO company for making backlinks can be so dangerous for your site and maybe your site will loose all your ranking some SEO company offers High DA backlinks at very cheap price please don’t buy backlinks from anyone make them with yourself it will be so helpful.

Backlinks from irreverent Niche Sites.

Building backlinks on irreverent niche site can confuse Google for example if you have a Clothing website and you make backling on a cooking website Google will be confused and if Google will confused it is gonna rank your website on #1 so always make backlinks on site those have same niche as you have.

Not Having Traffic to Your Site?

Well, If you will follow above tips and make backlink after planing then defiantly your is gonna be ranked by search engines and you are gonna have so much traffic. if you face any problem or wanna know more about backlinks comment down below or tell us how is your experience with your site or blog.

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  1. Sir, really you solved my problem about back links.I know about backlinks but I don’t know how to build them.After visiting, I got 10 do follow backlinks from authority sites.
    Keep posting bro.Really thanks for sharing this information.

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