Things to Know Before Buying a Web Hosting?

Bad Web Hosting will get you in trouble. If you are thinking to start a website or Blog then you must know which web hosting is best for your website or Blog. Don’t get worried I will let you know about all the factors so come with me.

Every website have different requirements. It depends whether you want to start a Blog or a Website or maybe an online Streaming site., How much heavy data your website will have?, How many visitors you are gonna target. These all things are different for all website so how you will decide which hosting is best for you.

Below are some points you should look into.

Hosting Space :- Hosting space is an amount of cloud hard drive space which you need to store your website media files, Your CMS software and many more files.

You can purchase any amount of space for example :- 10GB , 20GB or Unlimited also it depends on your requirement. Imagine you are going to store 100 Blog Posts, 20 Medium quality videos. and Have 100 Images then 10 or 20GB is enough but think if you need to save 1000s of Blog Posts and 100s of High quality videos you will need more. Choose as per your requirements for starting you can purchase 10GB or 20GB then if you will need you can upgrade.

Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting :- There are two types of hosting 1st shared hosting which many websites hosted on 1 server and in dedicated hosting they provide you a dedicated server only for your website will be hosted on that server it cost more than a shared hosting.

What you need?

It depends on your site traffic if you have a lot then you must have a dedicated hosting and if you have less traffic shared hosting will be fine for you. My suggestion if you wanna just starting then shared hosting will be ok.

Hosting OS :- Just like our computer does have an Operating system web servers also have an Operating system.

What you need?

Well it depends on what your needs. Which CMS software you are gonna install some websites use Windows and some Linux. If you are starting a blog or a simple website on WordPress then Linux is best for you but please check your CMS software requirement what it needs a Windows or Linux.

Bandwidth :- Bandwidth is a limit of data transfer between visitors and your website for example if have purchase 1GB plan and your site have a video of 1MB then after one thousand of visitors your site will not be accessible.

What you need?

It also depends on your site visitors and your site content more you have more Bandwidth you will need I recommend you to purchase an Unlimited plan because if someday you are going to be popular and everyone is checking out your site then it won’t be a problem. Because if you have limited Bandwidth and you will more user than useual it won’t be able to open and might be you will loose your ranking.

Free Email Accounts :- Every professionals must have a professional mail id just like or I know you want to have this. Most of the hosting plans comes with some free email ids check how many you need for your business.

Make sure they have a complete email client not an email forwarding one because if they have an Email forwarding it won’t be able to possible to sent mails from these ids. They just forward emails to your personal email.

SSL Certification :- If you are going to store some sensible information from your users on your site you must need this. It makes an secure server for your site so every information will be encrypted so if hackers try to steel any information it will be safe. Read more about SSL Certification

Pricing :- Every websites have different price but they all have some kinda similar price range Shared hosting will cost you around $4 to $10 and Dedicated hosting will cost you 10 times more. Well for a blog shared hosting will be alright.

Reviews :- Be a smart buyer and check reviews of your hosting provider you know 51% of Americans checks reviews before they buy anything you must also. I am using Hostgater and this works awesome for me.

Help & Support :- Your website can have an sudden technical error and maybe your visitors won’t be able to access your site. You know some business can’t even afford 1 minute of downtime always check that which kinda support your hosting provider have like if you will face any problem in future and how they will help you.


So these were some quick tips for those who are struggling to find a good web hosting for their blog or website if you wanna know more please let me know in the comment section please let me know if I missed something which can help you and Have a lovely start-up.

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