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About this Blog:-

This blog is dedicated to those people who are struggling to find out a solution to do the right things and won’t be able to do due to less technical knowledge and tired of finding a solution over internet but not able to find the perfect website or blog which can show you a better or easy way to do that so be here and you will find all Tips & Tricks related to technology, Mobile phones, Android Smartphones, Computer and more. Here I also have a tab of Latest tech news where you can find Latest news related to every technical thing and if you want to suggest us a topic or need a help on a topic which is not available on this blog you can also request us into our Contact form.

About Rahul Tyagi:-

rahul tyagi blogger.jpgDear Guys and Girls myself Rahul Tyagi. I am from Panipat but these days I am staying in Gurgaon which is located near by Delhi. I came to Gurgaon in 2014 with an ambition of earning money after 3 years of struggling and after changing too many organizations I can just survive myself then I found myself that I am pretty awesome in Technology especially with smartphones or computers you know some people if they have problems with some technical thing they go to an expert but I am not like that if I found any problem with my computer or smartphone I try to find out a solution for that problem sometimes with myself sometimes I take help from the Internet so I started this Blog to help you to know better about the technology.

About My Life Journey:-

When I was a teen I wasn’t Good in education still I am not but I had one thing to check out every option into my phone when I was 17 my Dad brought me a laptop which was really helpful and with that I learned so many things I had every best application into my laptop. I also did too many courses related to the computer because I just wanted to explore the technology and I did. When I passed my senior secondary I decided to get admission into Bachelor of Computer Applications because I just wanted to learn everything in advance. With myself it wasn’t easy now then I thought that the best way to learn things is to talk about those with someone then it made me write this blog and I am glad to be here.

My Massage to my readers:-

I just wanna to say that do whatever you want to and choose whichever field you are interested in the only thing is to be human don’t act like a Robot or something like someone wants you to do something and you are doing that do a course which you are interested in and choose your own field be your own boss what happen if you will have less earning or you will have a small house but after being yourself you will be happy I know it sounds like 3 Idiots movie I really love this movie which really gives a moral to do something which I am interested in and Thank You so much for reading my feelings. Keep supporting Guys & Girls.