How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Have you ever heard about making money at home while sleeping, sitting in your comfort zone and maybe you are enjoying yourself at beaches and mountains but still you are making money sounds crazy right? well this is true you might heard that someone is getting money because they started some online business and someone becomes a popular Youtuber or Blogger and now they are earning so much more than your job or any other physical business but the thing is being a YouTuber or Blogger even running any other online business isn’t easy so what to do?

Well this is a BIG question, what to do? Today I am sharing a way which anyone can follow and anyone can start making money easily you only need a working internet connection obviously and some of your time. This article will reveal the way of making money with Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Some of you might thinking about what the heck is Affiliate Marketing and how to use it to fill your pockets. Well, this is a commission based marketing where you refer someone to buy products from an e-commerce site and you get commision for referring just like referral bonus. If you are thinking this is so hard to refer someone to buy a product you are wrong this so easy over the internet just follow these easy steps.

This is How it works:-

  • Register for Affiliate Program.
  • Choose a product which you want to promote.
  • Copy the spacial link made for you
  • Paste it on your online presence

This is it. now every time when people go through your link and buy something you will get the commision.

Why I recommend Amazon?

There are so many e-commerce sites out there like flipkart, snapdeal and more but Amazon is best affiliate marketing and this is because every gives you commission only for referred products but Amazon gives you commision on other products also.

Let’s make it simple. Just imagine someone visited through your affiliate link for a particular product and then he/she saw other products in related, recommend or maybe somewhere else all over Amazon and buy still you will get commision for that. Not even this if the visitor doesn’t want to buy at that time and visits again within 24 hours, You will get commision.

This is because someone click to your affiliate link Amazon stores cokie in the visitor’s browser so if he thinks to come back and buy something it will be on your referral.

How to Promote this Affiliate link?

There are so many ways to do it here I am going to discuss two most reliable and popular ways to promote.

First of All you need to setup an Affiliate account and generate a link for the particular product you want to promote.

  • Sign Up for Amazon Affiliate Program.
  • Select the product you are going to promote.
  • Generate link and save it somewhere securly.

Now lets come to the ways of promoting this link, here I am gonna discuss two ways choose which you feel comfortable with.

  • YouTube.

  • Your Own Blog or Website.

YouTube:- First we are discussing YouTube because this is an easy way what you need to do is just follow these steps:-

  • Make a review or opinion video on the product.
  • Edit the video and make it more valuable and easily understandable.
  • Upload this video to your YouTube channel.
  • Upload the Thumbnail also to make it more professional.
  • Put the Affiliate link in the description and Publish it.

If you don’t know how to make YouTube channel and Upload your own video this will help you Getting Started with Youtube

Your Own Blog or Website:- This is most popular and valuable way to promote your link just follow these steps.

That’s it

Was is easy right? Believe it guys the is most reliable way to make money while sitting at your comfort zone, while watching movies and listing to music just setup it one time and every time someone will make a purchase you get commision and you can do it for any number of products also you can share your video and blog to social media to get more clicks.

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