How to Make a Bootable USB? With or Without Software.

If you are wondering to install Windows on your PC or laptop and you don’t  have a windows disc so you might be thinking that which is the best way to install Windows so these two thoughts come to your mind first you can use is Windows disc to install Windows which you can purchase from market and also if you have a pen drive your might be thinking that you can install Windows from a Pendrive I prefer you the second option because if you go for the first option you need to go to the market and this is really hard to find a windows disk especially if you want to purchase an old windows like XP or windows 7 and also it’s gonna cost you and it takes time so much so go for the second option which is easy to do and you don’t need to go anywhere but this is really hard to make a USB bootable if you don’t have technical knowledge but you don’t need to be worried be here I am going to share you two ways which you can use to make a bootable USB Pendrive. The first one will show you how you can make USB bootable without any software and the second way will help you if you’re wondering to find a software to make your USB bootable so if you want to know about these ways come with me

-: How to make a Bootable Pendrive without any Software?  :-


What you will need:-

       1. A working Laptop or Computer with any version of Windows,2. Pendrive (At least 4GB),3. Windows Files

-: Connect your Pendrive with the Computer

-: Open CMD (With an Administrator User)

-: Type “diskpart” and press Enter.

-: It will open a new command window now type “list disk” and press Enter.

-: It will show you list of the disks you have connected to your PC every disk have a disk number make sure which one you want to use.

-: Type “select disk #” change # with the disk no. you want to use for making a bootable Pendrive.

-: Type “clean” and then press Enter to clean all data which your Pendrive have.

-: Type “create part pri” and then press Enter to create a new partition.

-: Type “select part 1” and then press Enter.

-: Type “active” and press Enter. and you Pendrive is Bootable now

-: Exit the command window

-: Paste all windows files to your Bootable Pendrive

Here you go now your Bootable windows disc is ready to use now you can Install Windows in your PC.

-: How to make a Bootable Pendrive with Software  :-

What you will need:-

          1. A working Laptop or Computer with Compatible version of Windows, 2. Internet Connection, 3. Pendrive (At least 4GB), 4. Windows file.

-: Download Microsoft’s official Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

-: Install and Open.

-: Click “Browse” and select the ISO file from your Computer then Click “Open

Note:- If you don't have an ISO image file of Windows you can create an ISO image using PowerISO

-: Click “next” to go to the next step.

-: Select a USB Pendrive or DVD disc which you want to use.

-: Click “Start

-: It will take few mins to complete.

Here you go now your Bootable Windows is ready to Install now you can Install windows in any PC using this Pendrive.

I hope Guys and Girls, It will help you to make your USB Pendrive bootable and if you have any doubt or if you are facing any problem while making your Pendrive Bootable please comment down below we will help you with that and if you do have any suggestion for a topic or have any feedback please be in touch with our Contact form and keep supporting Guys & Girls.

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