How to Hide Photos, Videos or other files in an Android Phone? With or Without Application

Hey guys and girls I know when someone asks for your phone it’s really hard to show your phone and this is because you have your personal photos or videos on your smartphone or any other files in your phone I know there are too many apps are available in Android Market which you can use to hide your photos and videos and all other files but how will you make sure that which app is secured to use for your photos of videos because any app can save your photos or videos into their backup and use them without your permission so it’s really an important thing to know which application is most secure to use when it comes to your personal photos or videos. So now you don’t need to be worried guys because I can help you with that.

Ways to Hide your Photo, Videos or other Files.

There are two ways you can use to hide your photos and videos the first one is without any application and the second one is with an application I recommend you to use the first one method without an application because it’s more secured so you won’t lose your data or any app won’t be able to share your photos or videos without your permission so let’s talk about both.

-: Hide Photos, Videos or other Files without Application :-

Here we will use a technique to hide your photos or video from your gallery and from your file manager follow steps are given below:-

Step 1:- Go to Your File Manager

Step 2:- Go to Settings of File Manager

Step 3:- Then Show Hidden Files Folders

Step 4:- Create a Folder Starting with “.” (Dot) For an Example:-   .Foldername

Step 5:- Put your all files in this Folder which you want to Hide

Step 6:- Go to Settings of File Manager

Step 7:- Then Hide Hidden Files or Folders

Here you go now you won’t be able to see those files and into your gallery and also you won’t be able to see that folder into your file manager whenever you want to see that folder again go to File Manager setting and show your hidden files and you will be able to see them now let’s go to the second way to hide your photos and videos

-: Hide Photos or Video with an Application :-

I have used too many applications but this one is really awesome and it provides you too many option with the free version and it’s also secured I’ve been using it for a very long time.

Step 1:- Download and Install SmartLock

Step 2:- Open App and Go To its Settings

Step 3:- Choose a Lock Options from various like:- Patren Lock, Pin Lock or Fingerprints

Step 4:- Come Back to the Main App and Click Add button to Add your Photos or Videos

Step 5:- Choose Photos or Videos and click Done

Step 6:-Turn on Locker

There you go now your all photos or videos which have selected are totally secured with the smart lock if you will need to access them you can go to smart lock and unlock smart lock with your fingerprints and the luck which you have set then you can see those photos or videos and smart lock also provide you a secure camera interface where you can capture videos or photos and they will automatically be secured with Smart Lock. Smart Lock is totally secure application which can also use to make your cloud backup.

Thank you so much Guys, for reading this I hope this will help you to be more secure with your personal files if you face any problem please comment down below and we will get back to you soon if you want any other help or want to provide feedback please contact us through our Contact Form

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  1. Interesting stuff lol.. but you don’t want the wife to catch you hiding Photos hahaha wow this can go really bad quick. Nice security feature however for the serious mobile business owner.,

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