How to Get .Edu or Educational Backlinks Through Commenting?

Wanna get high rank in Google or want to increase your site traffic than you must know about backlinks. Backlinks are the backbone of any site or blog so today in this topic we will go through what are backlinks, why they are important, why .Edu backlinks are more beneficial to get high rank how to get .edu or Educational backlinks and  we are also gonna provide you some .edu site where you can go and start buidling backlinks so let’s get started.

What are backlinks and why they are important?

Backlinks also called inbound link when one website have hyperlink of another website that called backlink. Backlinks are factors for Google to judge ranking of a particular web page or site more backlink means higher rank in Google. Backlinks are important but Google also look at where they are coming from so while building backlinks make sure to know about the factors or importance of backlinks make sure the links you make those are on high PR sites.

Why .Edu or Educational Backlinks are important?

Google always checks where your backlink is coming from if your site has thousands of backlinks doesn’t mean that your site will rank high on Google keep in mind quality does matter so making backlinks on .Edu sites or .Gov sites are the best option to get higher rank and this is because .Edu sites or .Gov sites have high PR or high PA if you will build backlinks on these sites this would be a good way to get high traffic on your website. Some of the ways to get backlinks from high PR .edu sites are Commenting, Guest Posting, Forums. we are gonna tell you about all these 3 ways in detail and also we will provide you some website where you can go and start building links to your site so lets begin.


How to Get backlinks on .Edu sites through commenting?

Thanks for the blog almost every university or educational site comes into blogging in these days and many of them have comment enabled so this is an awesome news for all of the webmasters or bloggers if you read an article on any .edu site than you need to comment on the blog and then your comment will go for moderation after approval of the admin you will get a backlink from the site. you just need to fill the comment form Your Name, Email ID, Your Website, and Comment.

Keep in mind before building backlinks or commenting on sites.

  1. Make backlinks on blogs related to your site keywords.
  2. Read the article and then comment related to it otherwise your comment will be rejected.
  3. Don't make spam comments make it simple.
  4. Check PR or PA of the site you are making backlinks on.
  5. Make backlinks on your site those are in your language or related to the country your site working on.

How to Find .Edu sites for your site keywords?

Google has its specific manual search filter codes which you can use to search .edu site for the keywords you want just follow the steps and find blog topics related to your niche. just type android smartphones it will filter all the education sites those have blog posts that have the keyword android smartphones you can change your the keyword according to your niche just remove android smartphone and enter the keyword you want it will show you all the results that have the keyword keep in mind that every site doesn’t allow comments so just open search results one by one and check wheater it have comment enabled or not if it does then this would be the site we need now read the article and make comment related to it or ask a question related to the article so that admin would know that you are the user and not a spammer it will be the surety that comment will approve ones your comment will approve than google will index it within some days and you will have a high PR or high PA backlink that will be more beneficial than a normal link.

-: List of Some Comment enabled .edu Blogs :-

-:Guest Posting:-

How to get backlinks by Guest Posting?

Guest Posting is a great way to get high quality backlink to your site and also Guest Posting will give you good traffic to your site there are many .edu site those offer Guest Posting if you are a good writer of you have some experience into writing an article than this will help you a lot we will tell you how to get this kinda links so lets get started.

Keep in mind before posting a Guest Post.

Choose an article topic relevant to the site.

Read some articles on Google on the topic you are gonna write on.

Read Guidelines of the site you are posting your article on.

Make sure your article topic is allowable and not looks like spam.

Write an high quality article.

If important than add your site link between the article.

How to find .Edu sites to do Guest Posting.

Well the process is same as we searched comment enabled sites. here we gonna search Guest Posting that’s it. This will filter all .edu sites those allow Guest Posting choose a relevant site and also check Alexa rank and PR of the site you are gonna do Guest Post here we are gonna share some websites those allow Guest Posting.

-: List of Some Guest Post enabled .edu sites :-

How to get backlinks from educational forums?

There are so many site those offer discussion forums almost every popular website specially educational website have a discussion forum where users can discuss about lots of topics you can also join the discussion and start discussion in the forum what you need to do is just register for forum and start replying of the questions and doubts and if need provide your relevant article link if you have any and you can also add your site homepage as a signature of your answer for example:-

Your message

Your Name :- site url (Rahul Tyagi :-

It doesn’t look like a spam and forums also provide you instant approval but still they review whats going on in forums so please don’t make spam comments otherwise your comment will be deleted and in some cases your account will be block.

Keep in mind before posting on forums.

Don't spam otherwise you all effort will be waste.

Start discussion on questions and doubts relevant to your site niche.

Write your message in detail.

If you are adding your site as a signature than write a big or detailed comment so site admin won't consider your message as spam.

How to find .edu sites Discussion forums?

It’s just simple search in Google with the specific search code Discussion Forum you will get lots of results choose relevant to your site niche and start discussion you can also add your keyword in the specific search code just like Disscusion Forum Technical it will filter all discussion forums on technical topic and this will make simple to find your site niche discussion forms with this you can get high PR backlinks here we are gonna share some .edu site discussion forums.

-: List of Some Discussion forum enabled .edu sites :-

Here we go with these techniques will help you to have a high-quality backlink which will help you to get high rank in Google and also will help to get lots of traffic tell us if this article was helpful for you in the comment below and also if have any question or have any doubt please feel free to ask. thanks for reading.

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