How to Block any Website in Computer with or without Software

Most of the people think that blocking a website is really hard thing but it is not if you know the technique if you are working in a school and you want your children won’t be able to access a specific website or you are a parent and you don’t like that your child to go a specific website so you must be thinking how you can block those websites those your children are using this is really easy thing you can do and no coding needed it can be done with two ways the first way is without a software and the second way is with the help of a software so let’s talk about both of. Come with me.


-: Blocking Websites without any Software :-

What do you need?

You don’t need to know coding or something but you must have the administrator privilege it means you must have the administrator password or you must be a primary user of the computer if you have this so let’s get started.

Step 1:-Go to “C:/” Drive, Then “Windows”, Then “system32″, Then “drivers”, Then “etc”.Final  Location will be C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc. You can also paste this to address bar in Windows Explorer or Run. After reaching at this location find a file called “hosts“.

Step 2:-Open hosts file with notepad (Right click and select open with then notepad)

Step 3:-Come at the last of the docs where you will see something “ localhost” don’t need to change anything just go down.

Step 4:-Make a new line at the last of the docs.

Step 5:-Write and the website URL which you want to block for Example:-“” You don’t need to write http:// just write the URL of the website

Step 6:-Save the file

Step 7:- Close all browsers and reopen them.

It’s done if you want to block more websites then make a new line and follow the same you can block as many websites as you want.

-: Blocking Websites with a free Software :-

Step 1:- Download and Install the free Simple Website Blocker

Step 2:- Open Simple Website Blocker with Administrator.

Step 3:- Enter Website URL like- (, etc.)

Step 4:- Click Block Website and it will be added to the block list

Step 5:- Close you all web browser and reopen them to make changes.

There you go your desired websites are blocked with the app you can block as many websites as you want it’s a free app if you want to unblock them just simply select the website from blocked list and then click Unblock Website.

I hope this quick tutorial will help you to block any website which you want to and if you face any problem just comment down below if you want any other application or maybe it’s not working then you can also comment down below we will provide you more applications for blocking websites and if you have any other suggestion on feedback keep in touch with our Contact form and keeps supporting Guys & Girls, Have a Good Day and Be Happy.


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