Does Website Speed Matter for SEO?

Does Website speed matters? If it does then how much it matters? and How can you improve your website’s speed? if you are also looking for these questions then you are at the right place today we will go through all of these important things which you need to know.

What we are gonna cover in this article?

  1. Does website speed matters for SEO?
  2. If Yes, how much it does matters?
  3. Reason behind a slow website.
  4. How you can improve your website speed?

First things come into your mind if you are new to web development that how website speed matters in SEO? let’s see this from the website visitors point of view. visitors don’t wanna use slow website for example if you are a reader and you search for something on Google and you see so many websites covers the same topic obviously you go to a fast loading website rather than a slow loading website.

Just like this Google also look into that how much time a website take to load. According to the Soasta if a website takes more than 3 sec than 53% of your visitors will go back. Google takes it seriously if Google found anything wrong with your site than there are the less chances that your site will be ranked in Google first page. You can check your website’s speed at Google Page Insights.

Reasons Behind a Slow Website.

  1. Annoying advertisements and Auto Popups.
  2. Your web Hosting Provider.
  3. Which type of web hosting do you actually need.
  4. Your Website’s theme is optimized or not.
  5. You are not cleaning site cache on time.
  6. Your Images and other media file are not compressed.
  7. You have an Unused file and maybe your Spam folder and Trash folder isn’t clean.

Now you know the reasons but what they mean and how you can optimize these. Don’t be scared I will help you with all these

Auto Popups and Advertisements.

Auto Popups and annoying advertisements not even make your site slow but it also irritates your readers less you have faster your site be. Make sure your pages have less advertisements. Popups most annoying thing make sure if you don’t need these please don’t use popups on your site. one or two can be consider is ok.

Web Hosting.

Believe it or not every website hosting provider will give you something different you must need to take care of some important things before buying a we hosting. Every website have systems and different speed and it also depends on the amount of your site visitors more you have than more you will need.

Always check reviews of the web hosting provider before buying one. If you have a tons of visitors then you must a Dedicated hosting.

Your Website’s Theme

Heavy websites looks good as per visitors point of view but it takes so much time to load. Google always check that your site visitors have a great experience while using any site. If your site doesn’t meet the criteria chances your site will not be ranked by Google.

Make sure your site have a simple and professional theme and also your theme’s HTML and CSS are optimized. If you are on WordPress then Autoptimize will help you. It’s an awesome plugin for Optimization.

Site Cache

Every site save some cache file on its server so that your visitors can have a better experience but if you won’t clean those on time they will be increased every time. You must clean your site cache once a week. well, we have solution for this. W3 Total Cache will clean your all site cache even it can clean these automatically. This one is the must have plugin for optimization.

Compressed Images

If you don’t have compressed images it may take time to load them. If you are scared that compressing images will make your image low quality or maybe they will be faddy No they won’t. Compression of images will not be impacted on your image quality. Compress JPED & PNG images by TinyPNG will do this for you.

Unused Files, Spam and Trash folders.

Spam comments, trash files and unused file takes so much space and it’s also one of the reason for your slow site so deleting them will make your site faster. Doing it manually is a time consuming task don’t be worried WP-Optimize will help you and it also a scheduled clean feature that will automatically clean every unused file from your site space so it will be faster.

Boom! You got the amazing tips those will help you to speed up your Website and also will help you to increase your site traffic. If ou found these tips helpful please do share because sharing is caring. If you face any problem and need any help please do comment below and Contact us.

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