How Broken Links Affect Your Site Ranking?

Just Imagine you are searching for an amazing Smartphone for yourself and you decided to purchase a Smartphone but before doing that you want to check reviews for so you searched on Google and find a blog about Smartphone feature review and you started reading that blog post this post shows some graphs and some examples on other site but when you click on those site you found an 404 error then you click on 2nd link that’s also have 404 error you will be frustrated and click back to the results to find another blog post.

This is the same thing happens when visitors come to your site and found broken links it will be bad for your visitors and for Google’s too because when Google crawl your site and it will find broken link it will keep you down no matter how valuable information you have.


  • Internal Links
  • External Links

These are the two types of Broken links and we will show you how to fix them both.


Internal Links:- If you have an article and you are linking your another web page or article on same website that’s called an Internal link.

How to Fix Internal Broken Links?

Go to Search Console

Choose your site from verified site list (If you didn’t verify your site please do first)

Go to Crawl Errors

It will show you all Urls errors in your site and then you can go ahead and replace them and also you can set 301 redirects for 404 error it won’t affect your ranking.


External Links:- You are writing an article and you want to provide some example sites and want to give references to the other website just like I made an hyper-link of Google’s search console above that’s called an External link.

How to Fix External Broken Links?

Go to Broken Link Checker

Enter your website and click check

It will take some time to check all links on your website it will show you both External links and Internal links check only for External links and update them in your post and why I am telling you to check External links only because Google Webmaster tool is more better for Internal links.

Here you find every Broken link with the Anchor text so you can identify where this links is coming from.

Hey Mates, I am sure this article helped you to understand What is an broken link and how to fix them I am sure it will defiantly gonna increase your site ranking. If you face any problem or need another help comment down below and we will be glad to help you.

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