10 Blogging Mistakes Those will Kill Your Blog.

Hey mates! Is your blog not getting high bounce rate and you are not sure why is this happening today in this article I will let you know what are the basic reasons for high bounce rate.

Why this article is important for you?

1. Decrease Bounce Rate.

2. Increase Daily Visitors.

3. Increase On Site Timing.

These three things are most important to look into when you are really serious to your blog. You can check this data on Alexa for any of the websites on the planet.

Bounce Rate:- If any visitors search a keyword on Google and visit to your site but for some reasons the visitor stop processing and take back to the results. It means that visitor don’t want to view your site for any reason and this is a Bonce Visit. It should not be more than 60% lower is better.

Daily Visitors:- Every site have some daily visitor those waits for you to post a new article and excited to see everything you have. They visit your site regularly. If you have more daily visitors that’s better.

On Site Timing:- It calculates in minutes. It’s an average time your visitors spend on the site you can see it on Alexa. High on site timing increase your ranking.

If you have Bad statics for all these data then this article is specially for you. Reasons behind could be for these Bad statics are Your site is loading too late, Have something inappropriate content on your site, Too many advertising, Too many Popups and many more today we will talk about all of the reasons and also we will know how to correct them so Let’s get started.

Auto Popups :- Auto Popups are some Popup boxes and they opens automatically usually they are Advertisements and Sign up forums. one or two auto popups are ok but if they are too much might be your site visitor will get irritates and leave your site immediately. Less is beneficial.

Too Many Ads:- Ads are ok even visitors understand it but if you have too many ads on your site and auto open ads are the worst also it makes your site slow to load. Keep less advertisements.

Colorful Themes and Font:- Keep you theme standard and keep that professional colorful themes can confuse your visitors and they will be no longer regularly visit your site also it does increase the Bounce Rate.

Speed and Bandwidth Limit:- Check before you buy web hosting for your website check its server speed and Bandwidth limit because if your site will load slow these can irritate your site visitors and also Bandwidth is more important it can stop your visitors to access your site. Read more about web hosting and things to know before Purchasing web hosting.

Publishing Frequency:- It does matter to your regular visitors a lot make a schedule and post regularly choose your way like once in a week and Twice in a week but do it regularly. Like if you post on every Monday and Friday for example than your visitors will wait to see your next post you gonna be posted. It will increase your Daily visitors.

Readability:- Use headings, Paragraph Breaks, Bold , Italics text etc. just imagine if you visit to an article and it has a long paragraph only you will be less interested to read that but if you will see an article with highlighted important texts Paragraph breaks that will make you interested to read that. Read more about readability.

Not Using Images:- Using images will make your visitors more interested into your article you must have a catchy featured image and between the article which will keep your visitors interested and if will also increase the readability.

Ignore Comments:- Never ignore your visitor read what are they talking about and what issues they are facing help them as much you can, know what they are interested in and take feedback and suggestions will help you to get new topics and also it will make a strong connection between you and readers so always reply on comments.

Not Having a Niche:- If you don’t have a particular niche your readers will insane whether they should subscribe you or not having a particular niche will keep your readers engaging and excited about the upcoming article.

Focusing on Quantity instead of Quality:- Always focus on quality if you posting daily and topics are not interested nor important you might loose your visitors like if they subscribe you and they got new article mail from you everyday and the topic is not interested or not valuable they might unsubscribe you. I suggest post less but they must be quality post.

I hope you got some best tips if you have any questions or have any feedback, Suggestions please comment down below and also sharing is caring.

One thought on “10 Blogging Mistakes Those will Kill Your Blog.”

  1. Hey Rahul

    Great list. I’d like to add one! ‘You write in block paragraphs and don’t reformat your post to emphasise certain messages’.

    It’s true that people reading a post/article will skip through to find key messages. Why not make their life easier (and allow them to read efficiently) by making words bold, italic, using bullet points, increasing text font, in order to allow key points to emerge.

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