Best Ways to Earn Money on the Internet

Hey Guys and Girls today I’m going to talk about a very serious issue with his money I know everyone needs money to survive their self but its not the matter of surviving like if someone is doing a normal job and earning a little bit they can also survive themselves but here I’m not asking you to quit your job but I am giving you some genuine ways which you can use for earning extra money on the Internet you don’t need to go anywhere you just need to do some hard work or some smart work I am with you I am going to tell you how you can do that.

My Best 3 ways to Earn Money Online:-

    1. Blogging

If you ask my opinion which is the best way to earn money I recommend Blogging with Blogging you can earn enough money with some easy tips but one thing you need to take care of don’t make your blog on blogger because it doesn’t support that much options which are mandatory to optimise your blog to do SEO of your blog and it does only have the Adsense for advertisement it doesn’t support any other advertiser so I recommend you to purchase a domain and purchase the cheapest domain for doing a startup and you can also purchase a cheapest hosting plan for your blog I recommend you to create your website on WordPress because WordPress is the best what does provide you lots of plugins which you can use to optimise your website or to do SEO and to do lots of things.

Whats Important:-

It does matter that which kind of blog you are going to write you don’t just copy and paste write a blog on a unique topic and write a high quality blog so that you can be on the top of the results like if you want yourself to come on the first number of Google search or other search engines these are some factors you need to take care of the first one is to write a High-Quality Post which is really important and the second one to do on page SEO perfectly and the third one is creating some backlinks which are must be Do follow backlinks and if they are in high PR backlinks that will be really awesome thing for your for SEO point of view these three ways can make your blog post on the top of the Google results

Earning Method:-

There are too many methods of earning money on a blog and the first one is advertisement too many companies which provide you the advertisement on your blogs like AdSense, Infolinks, and etc. The second way to earn the affiliate marketing you can do affiliate Marketing on your blog you can just add some links of products in your post those are relevant and you can point to a website which will provide you some Commission on order.

   2. YouTube

Well, Guys in today’s world YouTube too much popular you probably watched YouTube videos like some music videos movie promos and comedy videos etc. You can also create your channel on YouTube and start making videos if you will make a quality videos and your videos will get traffic YouTube then you can monetize your videos with AdSense and AdSense will provide some advertisement on your videos which will give you some income and guys this is not a joke some people are really earning good income on YouTube and it’s a World Wide Web site most of the people use this website for entertaining themselves and learning some tips from video like cooking tips or Beauty tips you can also create a channel and Grow your Youtube channel subscribers make videos according to talent. Youtube is not gonna charge you for uploading videos.

Earning Method:-

There are too many methods which you can use to earn money with YouTube videos the first one is an advertisement which provided by the Google AdSense. AdSense will provide use some advertisement on your videos and you’ll get some income for this advertisement and the second method is Affiliate Marketing yes you can use Affiliate marketing in the description of your video like if you are doing a phone review you can provide an Affiliate link in the description of that phone so people can go that link and purchase that product for doing this you will get some Commission and the 3rd one is sponsorship you can also get sponsorship from many companies. companies can provide you sponsorship and sponsorship will also so much money but for getting a sponsorship you must have a number of subscribers.

   3. Upwork

Well this is also a cool method Guys for earning money you just need to be an expert in anything related to computer like if you are an Excel expert, Web designer, App developer, Software developer etc. so you can just register on Upwork and it will provide you too many projects which you can work on you just need to choose a project which you want to work and apply for that after applying if you’ll be selected you will get that work but for qualifying to selected you just need to complete some test which you are expert in these tests are provided by the Upwork official clear these test and you get high rank that will help you to get project.

Earning Method:-

Well there are two earning methods the first one is hourly in that you will get a project and it depends on how many hours it will take to be finished you will get the amount hourly and the second method is to an to get a project at fixed amount like if you are choosing a project which is something app developing or something web designing then you will get a fixed amount for that project.

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