Best 5 Tips for YouTube Creator to Grow Your Channel

Hey Guys and Girls welcome back to my blog post and today I am going to talk about YouTube I know some of you are using YouTube and some of our aren’t as I told you in my last blog post that we have 3 best ways to earn money on the Internet and this is one of them the YouTube is really cool thing that you can do while sitting at your home but most of the YouTuber they start a YouTube channel with an ambition earning money and doesn’t get success as they want and at the time they want. They just quit YouTube and this is not ok like if you are just working hard on something and your channel is not growing it means something is not right so today I am gonna tell you some tips which you can use to grow your channel or to grow and your subscribers.

How much time does it take to get to the first income?

Well YouTube is too easy way to get you some income every month but you know the YouTube is the thing that you need to have some patience it won’t give you the income within the first man it takes 3 to 4 months at least to get you the first income it depends on how your video is and how much hard work you are doing on that if you just follow my tips and tricks you can get your first income soon what you need to do is just follow the tips and tricks and do some hard work definitely your channel will be grow and definitely will get some income some of the YouTuber come here with an ambition of earning money and after one or two months because they got frustrated that why we are not getting money and they just quit YouTube that’s the reason I am telling that YouTube needs patience you won’t get income on your first month first you need to grow your channel and grow your subscribers you will start getting good income what you need to do is just follow the tips given below.


This is really important that which kind of topic your choosing like if you are making your first video and you have a cooking channel so you might be thinking to create a video on how to prepare Roti this is not a good topic actually you just need a unique topic or an interesting topic like if you have a cooking channel then you can teach your subscriber how to prepare sweet dish or how to prepare Shahi paneer or something which is interesting. I know that you want to start it from the beginning and you want your subscriber to learn how to make Roti but let me tell you it is a common topic YouTube has lots of video on that so I’m just telling you that choose a topic which is interesting and which is unique.

And I also recommend you to choose a catchy title like you are making a video on how to make shahi paneer just don’t write it simple make it a little bit catchy like you can write how to make the tasty shahi paneer with my special trick add some unique technique to prepare that and tell your subscriber that this is going to be so tasty and edit your video little bit if you can.

2.Use Keyword Planner:-

Thinking that you just need to make a video and upload on YouTube and you’ll get some views this does not work like this ok. You need to do some research of keywords because the keyword is the important part that which topic your video is gonna cover I recommend you to use the keyword planner provided by Google which is the best keyword planner.

3.Choose the Best time to Upload:-

This is really important guys that what time you are going to upload your video like if you are uploading your video in India and you have a topic of cooking that it can be covered anytime in day like it can be covered in the morning in afternoon and evening too I recommend you to upload a video which shouts your subscribers like if your videos are for students try to upload them in afternoon try to avoid uploading a video in night especially if you are a new YouTuber.

4.Thumbnail or Descriptions:-

create a catchy thumbnail this is really important Guys like if you are making a video on Shahi Paneer take the best pic of Shahi Paneer and write some text on the picture if you want to and upload that and second thing you also need to give them proper description there is a description box on YouTube every time when you upload a video I recommend you to write a detailed description.

5.Share Your Videos:-

If you are new on YouTube I recommend you to share your videos on WhatsApp or on Facebook it depends on which social media networks you are using because this is really helpful and important to grow your channel that’s because you are new youtube videos are not gonna get that organic traffic.


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