Best 3 Ways to Boost up Your YouTube Income.

Not Getting Enough from YouTube Channel? Best 3 Ways to Boost up Your YouTube Income.

Well, This is the most frequently asked question that every YouTuber searching over the Internet and every YouTuber is trying to find a solution to resolve it every YouTuber is working hard with an ambition to earn enough money but they are not getting that much from their YouTube channel if you are in the same situation and want a solution you are on the right place here today I will tell you more tips & tricks to boost Your YouTube income. Adsense in these days not paying that much particularly on YouTube videos but you don’t need to worry about it today I will tell you more option from using them you can generate good income

Make YouTube Advertiser friendly videos:-

Here lots of content creator who are making YouTube videos for advertiser friendly they are getting more income instead of those who are making some silly videos, funny videos or sometimes prank videos so here’s my suggestion is always make videos those are advertiser friendly for those who don’t know what is an advertiser friendly video? well, like if you have a technical channel and you are making a review of a smartphone so the advertiser can place another smartphone ads on that video these are the advertiser friendly videos. Think about it if someone is uploading a prank and advertiser is placing an ad of induction cooker on that video which really doesn’t matter for the viewer like if someone is watching a prank video why he would purchase an induction cooker so here’s my point that if you are making a video make it like that can be advertiser friendly you can make a cooking video, do SEO help video, you can make a technical video etc. choose any topic you want to but that must be advertiser friendly so this is the technique that you can get more advertiser and if you’ll get more advertisement it means you will get more income.

Use Affiliate Marketing:-

Well, Guys, This is this second and most powerful option to boost up your YouTube income and most popular on the Internet. Affiliate marketing is the biggest marketing going on over the Internet for those who don’t know what affiliate marketing is this is a marketing strategy that used by almost every E-commerce website where you can sign up as a member and generate a link of a particular product which can be anything and place that link on your website or in the description of your video so that anybody can click on that link and if he will purchase something then you will get some percentage of commission from that website for an example like if you are making a review of Moto G5 and you place an affiliate link of Moto G5 in your video description and if anyone will click on that link and place an order you will get commission on that purchase. there are too many websites those are providing this option like Flipkart, Amazon etc.


Third and best option to get some quick money is “Sponsorship” sponsorship can get you hundreds of dollars on 1 video there are too many ways to get these sponsorships and the best website to get sponsorship is FameBit. now the FameBit have been merged with YouTube so you just need to go to FameBit and then to sign up with your YouTube account and apply for a sponsorship firstly choose a category which you are making video on and then you can choose a sponsorship and you can apply but there is one thing that you must have if you are applying for a sponsorship you must have at least 5k subscribers on your YouTube channel only then you can apply and if you have more that it will be better. You can get sponsorship up to $1000 it depends on the popularity of your channel and overall average views on your videos a normal YouTuber can get so many sponsorships in a month it’s not a big deal to get sponsorship and if you’ll get sponsorship you’ll get at least $50 or $100 for each and for getting like 4 to 5 in a month is not a big deal everyone can get it.

So YouTubers if you will use these options definitely you will get more earnings on your YouTube channel and from next month Your earning going to boost up earnings at least 3 Times if you will use this all option those I mentioned above

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