11 Tips to Be Safe on Internet.

In today’s world internet becomes so powerful, You can do a lot’s of stuff with the help of Internet, You can communicate all over the world share file and online banking and so much more the list is on and on But in this online world there is a security risk which you need to understand because you don’t know whom you are talking to and someone can steel your confidential information.

We heard news recently that someone hacked 3 billions passwords of Yahoo users.

We heard news that whole website hacked and millions of data have been stolen.

Even the ransomware virus which hacks millions of computer’s data and asking for money.

There is so much to worry while surfing internet, I didn’t using internet but be careful because you don’t if someone looking at your history and stolen you internet banking password or maybe credit card details so the question is How to be safe?, How to careful in this big world? well, today I am gonna discuss some of the security tips which you can use and be more safe on internet so Let’s get started.

-:12 Tips to Be Safe While Surfing Internet:-

Keep Strong Password:-

Fact – So many people keeps their passwords as “123456”. Which can be easily hacked.

Keeping a strong password will help you to keep your data secure in make sure you are online and anyone can access it week password can be easily guess and hackers might steal your information. so keep a strong password will help.

Choosing a hard password which have Uppercase, Lowercase, Digits and Special Characters and it must be at least 8 digits. Most importantly change your password at least in every three months.

Always use different password on every website if you have any problem to remember your password then take help of a password manager like LastPass.

Use Two Factor Authentication:-

Fact – This is most common reason which stops hackers to steal your data.

Using two factor authentication will be so helpful to keep your account secure this has been proved that 80% of data have been secure because of two factor authentication for example if hacker have your password still he needs the OTP which will be on your mobile phone so they won’t be able to steal your data and make sure if you found any failed login attempt change you password immediately.

Keep OS and Software Up to date:-

Fact – Ransomware virus was able to hack so many computer because of they all had old version of windows and out dated software programs.

Did you know about 4 new malicious program are created in every 1 seconds huge na? software and windows manufacture makes new program to defend from these malicious programs so updating your software and windows will help your computer be safe from these new viruses.

Be Aware while using Public Wi-Fi:-

Fact – Many Public Wi-Fi don’t use encryption.

In today’s growing world most of cafe’s, restaurants, hospitals and so many places where you will find these free wi-fi’s and even without passwords but using them is an open invitation to hackers they can access your data by using these wi-fi even your browsing history and your passwords too so avoid using them.

Avoid Using Public Computers:-

Using public computers can be so dangerous because you have no idea how many people have been used it before and maybe it have any malicious virus which can be the reason for your confidential data theft so I recommend you mot to use public computers. Only use it in emergencies.

Clear Cache:-

You know every time you open any website that stores cache file in your computer those are temperley files used for making your web experience better but sometime they save’s sensitive information so every time you use your computer and especially when you use someone else’s computer make sure to clear your web history and browser cache files.

Keep a Good Antivirus:-

In Today’s world malicious malware are growing so much, according to a report 4 malicious programs created per second which is a huge amount and if you have bad antivirus or limited version of antivirus your data can be easily hacked always keep reputable antivirus so your computer will be secure.

Be Aware of Unknown Emails:-

Most of the malicious programs sent by emails, email looks legitimate and looks like they are from your friend or colleague but its not always true sometime account can be compromised and spammers can sand you emails always be careful these emails check file file extension before downloading any attachment in sent by email that can be malicious software.

Check Before Click:- 

There are so many fake websites out there those made by some scammers for stealing your identity and personal information be careful while surfing any website always check history of every website you use you can them by using some website background checker like UrlVoid.

Use Https Websites:-

There are two types of websites one is http and 2nd is https, https website are secure website make sure if before entering any confidential information like credit card details, user id passwords and other sensitive information because entering details on http server are not secure avoid entering your sensitive information. If https websites are secure it doesn’t mean that http websites are bad but every time you enter any sensitive information double check the website you are on.

Use a Good AdBlocker:-

Ads are worst and sometime they can be dangerous these advertisements can redirect you to a phishing website or maybe malicious website better to use a Good AdBlocker it will help to load your pages faster and also it will keep your browsing secure.

Do you have any other tip?

Did we missed something? if you have any other tip or need more clarification let’s us in the comments. if you want to suggest anything contact us.

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